A family business committed to growing and shipping quality potatoes.

Our potato-growing heritage extends back to 1905, when Nels Folson of Hoople, North Dakota, became the first commercial potato grower in North Dakota. In 1952, Richard 'Bud' Folson incorporated his own farming venture in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Bud always enjoyed producing great “Red River Reds” for the market, and although Folson Farms now involves growing, washing, packing and shipping a variety of mostly table-stock potatoes, our focus is still on producing fine red potatoes.

Everyone at Folson Farms appreciates the hard work, innovation and sacrifice that these men put forth to succeed, and we strive to maintain their tradition of excellence today.

A Growing Operation

In the 1980's, Folson Farms added the leadership of two of Bud's sons, Bryan and Barry, who took over the business in the early 90's. Presently, we farm around 1600 acres of dry land potatoes and are able to store 300,000 hundredweight in automated climate controlled storage. Our packing facility will wash, grade, size and pack up to five loads per day. We continue to build relationships with other growers and packers in the region to help us meet all the customer demands within our industry.

In other words, growth is our business, and it always has been. Let us know how we can help you grow as well. Call us at 218-773-1201, 218-773-6536 or email us at barry@folsonfarms.com.