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A Folson Potato Is More Than Just A Spud

Perfect potatoes. Firm, red and full of hearty flavor, they're the holy grail of chefs, produce retailers and consumers everywhere. More and more, all of these groups are turning to Folson - the most trustworthy name in potatoes for more than a century. The key is consistency. Folson Farms grows, packs, and ships the potatoes it sells, ensuring that the delicious potato that is picked from the fertile soil of the Red River Valley is safe and protected all the way to the table on which it is served.

Folson Farms specializes in packaging its potatoes for private label retailers across the United States. When larger produce retailers want to fill their privately branded packaging with the very best, they choose Folson. Folson Farms also sells its potatoes under the name "Folson's Finest" in grocery stores across the midwest.

The Folson Advantage

There are many reasons why Folson potatoes have become so popular:

Unsurpassed Flavor

Folson Farms grows its own potatoes in the ultra-rich soil of the Red River Valley, ensuring consistent quality in every bag.

Advanced Storage

Folson potatoes are stored year-round in the most ideal conditions possible, with controlled humidity and an air-conditioned temperature.

Convenient, Economical Transportation

Whether you prefer to ship by truck or by train, Folson can easily accommodate your schedule and budget.


The Folson family has been growing potatoes for more than a century. You don't stay successful that long without doing something right.

Find Out More Today

Please take a few moments to look through this web site. It will give you a chance to learn more about the Folson operation and its tasty Folson potatoes. If you'd like to contact Folson Farms, click here or call at 218-773-1201.